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How many recommendation letters do I need?

As a rule of thumb, you want to have six or more recommendation letters. In most cases, you are going to draft the recommendation letters before sending them out to your referees for signatures. For this reason, you want each recommendation letter to focus on one or two of your major contributions.

What are the most time-consuming components for the I-140 petition?

Two components will cost most of your I-140 petition preparation time: the petition letter and the recommendation letters. The I-140 petition letter needs to be compelling. This letter will summarize and highlight your credentials and achievements. One also needs to gather strong supporting recommendation letters for the I-140 petition. It is common for an applicant to have six to ten recommendation letters. It can take you a few months to collect all recommendation letters from your referees.

Can I apply for a green card myself?

For the employment-based application, there are two categories where one can apply for a green card by oneself. These two categories are “EB1A” (Alien Worker with Extraordinary Ability) and “EB2-NIW” (National Interest Waiver). Here “EB” stands for “Employment Based”. All other employment-based categories require sponsorship from the applicant’s employer.